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Terms and Conditions of sale:

RE:Quotation for tunnels; practical training available for beginners.


Size of tunnel:
10m X 30m X 4,5m high model A or C.

Included per tunnel:
Vertical sides to the height of 2,3m / 2,1m. Tie beam height 2,6m / 2,1m. Steel work is factory primed then coated with aluminum silver paint. Only a grade steel will be used. 48 X 1,6mm pipe is used for legs and framework. 32 X 1,6 pipe is used for purlins and filling pieces. Doors are made from squire tubing and seals properly.

NB: 2 Year guarantee on welding and construction work.

Conditions of sale:

  1. Quote is valid for 30 day's
  2. Transport includes everything quoted.
  3. Payment of 50% deposit with order and balance before delivery or collection with bank guaranteed cheque or internet transfer. If third party is involved the full amount must be paid upfront.
  4. If erection is done by us the buyer must supply 2 cub meter sand, 2 cub meter stone and 5 bags of cement per tunnel.
  5. Leveling of area, digging of trenches (before arrival) and final finishing off soil inside and outside of tunnel is the responsibility of the buyer. Sandy material must be provided if rock is broken during excavations.
  6. Placing of ground sheets, filling and placing of planting bags and final positioning of irrigation must be done by the buyer.
  7. The installation of irrigation pump system and connecting to the tunnels (max 5m between pump and first tunnel) Will be done by us. Electric coupling must be done by electrical contractor.
  8. Steel wire will be supplied and installed by us.
  9. All goods supplied remains the property of the seller until fully paid.
  10. Chriss hefer construction accepts no responsibility for damage caused by rain, hail, and wind.
  11. Electric and water supply must be complete and working before we will start with construction.
  12. If there is no electricity on site or if a generator is needed it would be the buyers responsibility.
  13. All goods being exported must have a representative at border post with all necessary documents and payments. including workers permits for 5 people.
  14. If own transport is used traveling costs for the construction team will be charged at R10-00 per/km measured in one direction.
  15. Prices are subject to general price increases. Even after acceptance of a quote and deposit has been paid.

NB: This is a standard cover page and quotation for what is needed in a tunnel, Please delete what is not wanted!

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