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We have a intensive practical and comprehensive hydroponic course. read more...

We design, manufacture and erect all tunnels.

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For our students of the hydroponic course we have a luxurious fully furnished guesthouse. contact us now...


Our Projects!

Hefer Construction has extensive experience in the erection of tunnels. We have erected tunnels in a variety of places and for various reasons.

Previous successful contracts are:

  • Crocodile farming in Marblehall and Groblersdal.
  • Fish, tomato, cucumber, flowers and cycads farming are some of our successful projects.
  • Wreckers Demolition is using our tunnels to cover old trains while removing asbestos. This provides a safe working environment for their workers.
  • Scuba diving and swimming schools use our tunnels to cover their pools for heating during winter times.
  • We received the extensive Taba Nchu project in Harrysmith for over 38 tunnels and all accessories to the 7 sites in the North-West province. We also repaired the existing greenhouses.
  • Goldfields mine tunnel project were also successfully completed by us.
  • Jacod council for the disabled empowered 15 people by training them to acquire the necessary skills to manage the hydroponic farm at the center. Some workers earn an income from the project that supplements their government grant. Planting, pruning, harvesting and packaging have been taught to all who are capable, and will benefit them, should they leave this project and seek employment in a similar field in the future