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Valeo Taxidermy!

The following is a price list for shoulder mounted mammals:

Species Price
Aardwolf R384
Baboon R384
Baby Girafe R576
Bat Eard Fox R384
Black Wildebeest R816
Blesbuck R576
Blue Duiker R384
Bushbuck R576
Bushpig R576
Cape Fox R384
Cape Grysbok R384
Cheethah R576
Duiker R384
Grey Rhebuck R576
Honey Badger R384
Hyena R576
Kudu R816
Impala R576
Jackal R336
klipspringer R384
Lechwe R816
Lion R576
Lynx R384
Mountain / Grey Reedbuck R576
Njala R816
Oryx R816
Otter 384
Porcupine R384
Sable R816
Serval R384
Sivet Cat R384
Small Spotted Cat R384
Springbuck R576
Steinbok R384
Common Reedbuck R576
Waterbuck R816


The following is Full body mounted mammals:

Species Position Price Each
Bush Pig - R1725
European Wild Boar - R1725
Leapard Sneaking R1127
Leapard Jumping R1127
Ostrich - R1127
Ostrich head open/closed mounth R402.50
Elephant - R32200
warthog - R1150
Wilddog - R1092
Shoulder mounts mammals
Buffalo - R1380
Eland Left Turn R1380
Elephant - R6785
Kudu Semi-Left Turn R687
Rhino / Hippo - R4370
Giraffe - R4370