Quotation valid for 30 day's

Quotation date: 15 February 2011

Quotation for:  10m X 30m Model A (tomatoes & peppers Hydroponics)

1 Tunnel 10m X 30m X 4,8m high Model A 2doors covered with plastic or shade net. R33000 R 33000
0 Sides winows 3 m X 1 m (optional) R800 0,00
1 Erection R6000 R6000
1 20% white shadenet for overlaps (optional) R800 0,00
2 5000Lt Water tanks, outlet fittings and valve R3000 R6000
1 Automatic pump station 1,1 kW pump, 13 station timer, rely, filter, steelframe, waterproof electrical box, and 2 electrical valves, including Fertilizer mixing station
R8000 R8000
0 Additional valves (optional) R250 0,00
900 Drippers 2Lt per plant per hour (Netafim) R2,80 R2,80
2 Ground sheeting plastic 250 mic. black 6m X 30m to cover complete floor area. R1200 R 2400
1000 14Lt plastic planting bags R0,45 R450
150 Bags sawdust (150 bags needed per tunnel) R 10 R1500
900 Wire hangers (if needed) R0,50 R450
2 Rolls of Baling wire (4500m per roll) R200 R400
10 000 Tomatoe clips R0,15 R1500
1 Thermometer R90 R90
1 PH / EC Meter (pocket model) R2700 R2700
1 Stihl Motorised Spray machine (optional) R6000 R6000
1000 Tomatoe seeds FA 593 (coated and treated) R1.40 R1400
1 Tomatoe spray program R5000 R5000
1 Sets of fertiliser to the value of ------per tunnel R6000 R6000
1 Water analysing and fertiliser recommendation (This must be done before construction starts to enable us the correct fertiliser) R650 R650
0 Transport will be calculated For a 8 ton truck load R22 0,00
2 Accomodation R400 R800
0 Turn Key installation of tunnel R5000 R0